New MTV TV Series- Feminist Critique



MTV premiered a new Televisions Series named Big Tips Texas on October 9, 2013. MTV had been promoting this show for quite some time. I usually do not watch MTV because I lack interest to most of their TV shows nowadays but I do like to watch Catfish the TV Series. So while I was watching Catfish on MTV I heard the Promotional commercial for Big TIPS Texas but I was not looking at the TV at the time it came on. So when I heard the title it sounded like they had said Big TITS Texas! Which immediately caught my attention because I felt that MTV had gone a little too far with this one. I know the title is done on purpose because if you say Big Tips out loud it clearly sounds like Big Tits! You guys are probably thinking I have a dirty mind but after you see the promotional commercial or an episodes of this show you know the title was intentional.

Big Tips Texas is Documentary series in other words a reality show (like we need more of those). It is about a group of women who work in the “craziest” Bar in Texas call Redneck Heaven in Lewisville, TX which is just outside of Dallas, TX. The group of girls call themselves Rednecks and as I saw in Episode 1 they are divided into two clicks (The Veterans and the New Girls). They make their money on tips but they gain their big tips because of what they wear or should I say, the less they wear.

Typhani is a Veteran but also the head of the marketing department and is referred to as an assistant manager. She started out as one of them but slowly climbed herself to the top. Not to mention she is the girlfriend of the bar owner but in episode 1 she clearly stresses that she in no way slept her way to the top. She does not draw the line between friend and supervisor and I can already tell that most of the girls do not respect her.


This is Typhani, Veteran/Manager

I saw the first episode and it will probably be the last one I watch. One of the scenes shows the girls trying to bond while they are out in another bar. Amber a Veteran is completely drunk and starts harassing Morgan a New Girl; they get into a huge argument in which they cuss and push each other. Amber is rude and it seems like she does not give a shit about anyone but herself and I thought of her as very oppositional because she very subverted in the way she portrays herself with the other women. She completely proves me wrong in the next scene during a house party, she is waking up the stairs with no panties on; obviously to get men’s attention. When she finally get her underwear back she proudly puts them on in front of everyone in the party. Seriously?! How trashy is that? In another scene; a boat party, the men are asking her to jump in the water and take off her top. She quickly obeys and exposes herself to everyone at the party, this is clearing preferred reading as stated by Marxist perspective. Women are meant to responsive to men and as we see in our society it is very common for women to do whatever they need to in order to please a man.


Amber and Morgan

I feel this show was made for men; it is about girls, which are mostly naked all the time. The Male Gaze is always present in this show with the skimpy outfits and the attention the women crave with men. When the girls are trying to get attention from the men in the show, it leads them to rapidly gaining the attention of the male viewers. MTV needs to make shows about women who empower themselves and not humiliate themselves for attention. Getting drunk, starting fights, and being slutly on national TV is not attractive! These women should respect themselves and try to educate the viewers on how hard it is to make a living but in a classy professional matter that other women can related to. It continues to amaze me how MTV can successfully run shows like this one that clearly degrade women. Many of the women have their own reasons for working in a stripper like job but it is one thing to work there and another to put it on blast for the whole world to see. 


Here is the link to the MTV page of Big TIps Texas where you can view photos or watch the 1st episode.


9 thoughts on “New MTV TV Series- Feminist Critique

  1. I was somewhat excited to watch this show because the trailer portrayed the women to be “independent” and doing this to make money to pay for school,etc. It let me down really bad when I first saw the premiere episode. All of the women were extremely “slutty”. It reminded me of the Real World shows in that it’s mostly about people sleeping with other people and getting passed out while going out and partying. I think MTV should really stop producing these types of reality shows that just show people hooking up and drinking. Instead of focusing on pregnant teenagers, cyber dating, and fist bumping individuals they should focus on goal oriented people. Or simply go back to playing music. I enjoyed reading your post because I too was let down by this show. Great work! 🙂

  2. Oh gosh! I don’t know what’s up with MTV management, they are churning up show that just aren’t good! What i’ve gathered from your critique, this show is just another preferred reading, adding that girl should use their bodies

  3. Lorena Abrego

    Wow I haven’t even heard about this new series! But from what I can see it doesn’t sound like it’s helping these women’s image. It’s sad that these shows are still out there 😦

  4. OH yes this is definitely preferred reading, the girls in the show display themselves the way people expect them too.
    If I’m not mistake, I think the show was canceled because they stop showing after the 4th episode. I am not surprised because this show was just trash and drama; nothing positive at all.
    They usually create show like this for male gaze because that is what sells.

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